Rules and Regulations

According to the mission the Cargo House involves participants into interaction with each other who being retained their own local and cultural independence would comply with the same global rules and regulations.
Such rules and regulations have to promote to a level of service and prescribe to the quality control standard universally based on honesty and integrity.
Taking into consideration using new futuristic system technology, these Rules and Regulations will be made more precise and will adopt Members' proposals to work out the Code of Conduct and Ethics during the development of Cargo House.
Unless such proposals are adopted the following to be considered as principles of interaction between Members:
General conditions:
- the common marketplace of the site is accessible against members' placement offers and information. Cargo House' motto is "No offers No access";
- Member's information to be true and valid with regard with his offers, prices,
terms and conditions of the service offered;
- Member's information of any kind being expired and becoming invalid to be
deleted from the General data base as soon as possible;

Members of "Freight Exchange" and "Services to ships in ports" need to agree to "Recommended Principles for Use of Parties Engaged in Chartering and Ship's Agency Procedures" and "Other General Chartering Principles" (as supported by the Executive Committee of the Baltic and International Maritime Conference - BIMCO).

Members of "Freight Exchange" additionally are recommended with the following:
a) Members-principals have the priority before Members- middlemen:
-should the same vessel(s) or cargo(es) were placed by several Members such as owners/operators, charterers/traders or brokers/agents the principles have right to request brokers/agents to delete their offers placed on the common marketplace and the latter have to fulfil such request as soon as possible;
-should the same vessel(s) or cargo(es) were placed by several brokers/agents Members-principals have right to apply to a party on their own choice notwithstanding who of brokers/agents placed that offer(s) of vessel(s) or Cargo(es) first;
b) Members need to agree:
-not to use information obtained through Members in order to effect business
direct with overseas principals or their local brokers and thus bypassing the "Freight exchange" and/or a Member placed such information;
-not to pass information obtained through Members to nonmembers in order that they may effect business direct with Members-principals or their overseas agents and brokers and thus bypassing the "Freight exchange";
c) Members which obtained an information of open vessel in portal "Services to ships in ports" have to proceed to the principal-shipowner of that vessel via the agent placed such information. In the case a Member proceeds directly to the shipowner he has to advise the latter that the information was arranged by the agent of the shipowner and such manner to promote interests of the agent. - Both cases are valid if the agent is not Member of portal "Freight exchange".
The same conditions are valid for the case of information about the cargo obtained from stevedoring company or forwarder from portal "Stevedoring and warehousing".